Video Poker Joker Poker Online

Video Poker Joker Poker Online Game

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Video poker Joker Poker found in the range of models of most krunpyh manufacturers software for online casinos. The company Euro Games Technology also has a similar variety. Let’s just say that this is a good game with a user-friendly interface, cumulative jackpots and a very low mathematical superiority of the establishment, so you should definitely test it.

Play online at Joker Poker

“Joker Poker” is a video poker game in which the player has to collect a payable combination from among the ones provided by the rules. The general provisions here are traditional. Allowed once per round to change up to five cards for free.

The game uses a single classic deck of fifty-two cards plus a joker, which can replace the missing elements, as well as taking part in the formation of combinations that are impossible without it.

Payable in Joker Poker are the usual combinations from a pair of kings to royal flush. With the joker can form a “wild” royal flush and poker (carat plus joker). Their winnings are calculated based on the individual odds listed in the table.
Video poker can only be played on one hand.

Betting on it can be equal to ten, twenty, thirty, sixty or one hundred monetary units in the specified game currency. If you make the maximum bet, there are additional benefits that are exaggerated payout calculation coefficients for some combinations.

Video Poker Joker Poker Online Game

The course of the game is usual. The user makes a bet and gets five cards. He decides which of them is worth leaving. The rest are exchanged for new ones. If the result is a combination, it accrues a payout. Then the client either takes the money or puts it on the line in the round of doubling.

The game of chance is implemented in the form of guessing the color of a closed card. You choose red or black at random. If he guesses, the payout is doubled. If wrong, the money goes to the cashier of the institution. In a row you can play up to five times in a row. Mistakes in this case can not occur even once. You can get out at any stage.

According to the developers of the model, if you play “Joker Poker” the best strategy, you can achieve a theoretical return of 99.31%. Recall that this figure is realized only on a long stretch of the game. Your result in a single session can differ from it dramatically.

Jackpots in Joker Poker

In Joker Poker there are four progressive jackpots, named by suit of cards. They are accumulated separately from each other by deducting a small percentage of customer bets. To win one of them, you need to become a participant in a special round. It is triggered randomly in any regular draw on the additional screen.

Here will appear twelve closed cards. The user must choose them at random. He will do this until he collects three cards of the same suit. As soon as this happens, he will get the corresponding jackpot. Then it will grow again.

How do I play Joker Poker?

The game is almost completely russified, so you are unlikely to need our tips on the meaning of the inscriptions in the interface. Let us dwell only on the main functions of various elements, which can be seen on the control panel.

The main part of the screen is occupied by the five cards involved in the draw. Above them is a table of payouts. The winnings in it are indicated taking into account the bets. At the bottom there are most of the buttons with which the player controls the process. There are separate elements for selecting bets, determining the speed of play, turning the screen full screen, mute, and so on.

Button to start the round of doubling appears in a box that indicates the amount of payout. Between the panel and the cards there is an information line with tips. The accumulated jackpot amounts are displayed in four special boxes located at the top of the screen. If you hover your cursor over any of them, information about the number of winnings and the last lucky winner, who got the jackpot, will appear.

You don’t need to download video poker, as online casinos allow you to run it directly in your browser right on the institution’s website.

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