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777 Royal Wheel game review

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We’ll tell you frankly and directly that the game 777 Royal Wheel is more or less a copy of Ladies Nite 2 Turn Wild, but it has a completely different mathematical model. Microgaming partner, Pulse 8 Studios, has created a classic game this time around, with the action seemingly taking place in a brilliant game show studio, where a big bonus wheel slowly spins over the regular reels. The Wild Wheel is what everything is about in this game, as it can make or break your session.

You need to create yourself a solid total multiplier of 10x to 20x to get a maximum win of 3,133 times your bet in this game, and your odds will not be that frequent due to the high volatility. However, every win is followed by a respins with blocked winning symbols, and the respins continue as long as you keep winning. The Wild Wheel sometimes chooses a random symbol as the wild multiplier before you start the reps, but often you will have to do without any multiplier.

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Repins without a multiplier, of course, greatly reduce the potential maximum winnings, but decent winnings are still possible. The game itself has the classic charm of a fruit slot machine, but it plays out on 5 reels, 3 rows and 25 ways to win. You can bet from 25 pence to £75 per spin on all platforms and devices, and just so you know, there is no free spins round in this game. The RTP of 94.4% is still too low, in our opinion, although it has been lifted somewhat from the estrogen-rich source of inspiration for this game.

What are the bonus features?

777 Royal Wheel is a game about locking repeat spins, and things really heat up if you activate the Wild Wheel feature at the same time. Let’s start at the beginning. Every time you win, all of your winning symbols become ”sticky.” This includes the regular wild symbols, which replace all the regular symbols.

The remaining reel positions will then re-spin, and free re-spins will occur until you either get a non-winning spin or the screen is completely filled with winning symbols. Both outcomes mean that your total winnings now add up, and the normal main game starts again.

However, at random moments, the winning combination also triggers the Wild Wheel, which you see above the regular set of reels. This is the Wheel of Fortune with all the usual symbols. Whichever symbol is selected from the Wild Wheel becomes the wild multiplier for the subsequent reps blocking the winning session.

The wild multiplier will serve as a regular wild symbol whenever it appears on the reels, but the multiplier values will be collected in the counter in the upper left corner. This means that all the wild multipliers you get are added together, and it is the combined multiplier that will be applied to your total winnings after the end of the respins session.

Free Spins in 777 Royal Wheel Slot

You won’t find a free spins bonus round in this game, but you can say that the respins feature is pretty good compensation. You’ll regularly trigger a lot of free spins here, so the special free spins round isn’t really entirely missed.

How to Play

Pulse 8 Studios doesn’t have many games yet, but their game interface seems to have taken shape. The interface is different from many others, and it comes with some options and settings, which we’ll elaborate on. New players should probably pay special attention to this one, while experienced players may want to flip through this part.

You can start by setting the bet size using the bet icon below the reels. This opens up a menu for you, and here you can choose between a bet value from 1 to 4, as well as different bet sizes. The bet amount is multiplied by the bet size, and you actually have a betting range of 25 pence to £75 per spin to choose from

The gear icon doesn’t actually give you any settings for the game, as most games usually do, but instead lets you open a window with information about the game. This help window contains all the official information about the game, and it’s worth reading if you’re interested in anything.

The little “i” icon opens the paytable for you, and you’ll have to scroll down a bit to find the values of the symbols. Feature information is at the top, and the actual payout table is at the bottom. The royal crown wild symbol is the highest paying symbol in this game, and it brings 12x for 5 on a payline.

Where to play 777 Royal Wheel slot?

Pulse 8 Studios is a small developer and partner of Microgaming, and this partnership ensures that new games from this developer can be found in many different quality casinos. That way you can choose where to play the 777 Royal Wheel slot, and there are plenty of welcome offers you can use to get started playing this game. We’ll help you with all of these below.

Play for real money

Some players only need to read what we’ve already covered above to make a final decision about this game. Of course, we’re only halfway through, but if you’re already itching to get started, we’re not going to hold you back in any way. In any case, you can always finish reading later, and we’ll give you a better overview of where to play with the unique casino scan we do daily. Follow the link at the top of this page and start playing 777 Royal Wheel slot with a nice welcome bonus.

Play the free demo version

If you still have doubts about this game, there are several other options available. You can finish reading the review (and check out our experience with 200 spins below) or just try the free demo version of the game yourself. Of course, you can always do both, and the 777 Royal Wheel demo game can be found at the very top of this page. The link will take you there, and then you simply click on the ”play for free” button to quickly access the free version of the game.


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Review Summary

777 Royal Wheel is essentially an updated version of the Ladies Nite 2 mathematical model. If you liked this game, you will probably like the 777 Royal Wheel slot as well. That said, you do have to be a little cautious because of the higher volatility of 777 Royal Wheel. “The good news” is that the terribly low RTP from the previous game has been raised to 94.4%, which unfortunately is still well below the industry average these days.

The maximum win here has actually doubled as well, and you can now win 3,133 times your bet. However, this is still not a very high potential for such volatility, but it does open up the possibility of decent winnings. The Respins Locking Win feature can sometimes be exciting, especially if you rack up a big enough multiplier. However, many times it will come off without giving you anything meaningful, and after a while it can become consuming and frustrating.


  • Free respins as long as you keep winning
  • Wild multiplier value collection feature
  • High volatility and maximum win potential of 3,133x


  • Ladies Nite 2 copycat.
  • 94.4% RTP well below average