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NetEnt American Roulette Game

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If you’ve read the articles about roulette published on our portal, you probably know that the American variety is the most unprofitable for casino customers, as its theoretical return rate is the smallest of all the most common versions (accordingly, the mathematical advantage of the establishment is the biggest).

However, it is also popular with many players, so companies producing software for online casinos periodically present its new models.

Play online American Roulette

The game has classic roulette rules, described in a separate article. Recall that you have to guess at which number the ball stops and make one or more bets.

American Roulette differs from the European version by the presence of an additional sector with the number 00, as well as a different location of the numbers on the track of the wheel. Let’s look at the features of the bets, which are accepted in American Roulette.

Inside Bets (internal). Their players are betting on the fields with separate numbers on the layout of the gaming table:

  • Straight – on one number.
  • Split – on two numbers (it is impossible to bet on 0/2 and 00/2).
  • Street – On three numbers (including 0/1/2, 0/00/2 and 00/2/3).
  • Top Line – Betting on the first five numbers in order: 0/00/1/2/3.
  • Corner – on the four numbers.
  • Six Line – On six numbers (0 and 00 do not take part in this bet)
American Roulette Game

Outside Bets. Bets are taken on fields that denote certain groups of numbers, united by some attribute (color, etc.):

  • Dozen – A bet on twelve numbers, divided in ascending order: 1-12, 13-22 and 25-36.
  • Column – a bet on twelve numbers, which are in columns 1-34, 2-35 and 3-36.
  • Even/Odd – Bet on even or odd numbers.
  • Red/Black – bet on red or black numbers.
  • 1-18/19-36 (Small/Large) – Bet on numbers from 1 to 18 or 19 to 36.

All outside bets lose on a roll of 0 or 00. There is no return of their half in this case (this rule is available in some other roulette variants). Racetrack Bets (by the track). These bets are also called oral bets, because in the casino they are made by the dealer at the request of the player. They are taken on a series of numbers, allocated by their location on the wheel.

Actually, this section is represented by only one type of bet – Number and neighbors. It is always a multiple of five, because it is taken on five numbers (one number and its two neighbors on each side).

The payout odds for all internal, external and verbal bets are listed in a special table. It is available in the American Roulette interface, so we won’t dwell on multipliers here.
To find out the range of bets accepted for one or another position, it is only necessary to put the mouse cursor on the corresponding table layout field.

The minimum bet is one credit. Game chips are available in the following denominations: 1, 2, 5, 25, 100 and 500 credits. In total, a spin is allowed to put no more than five hundred credits. According to official data from the manufacturer of the game, it includes a theoretical return of 94.74%. In the Top Line bet this figure is 92.11%.

How to play American Roulette?

Buttons on the control panel are understandable in any language because even the inscriptions on them are not immediately visible. They only appear if you put your cursor over them. Let’s translate the inscriptions into Russian:

  • Open racetrack – open racetrack for betting
  • Clear all bets – remove all bets.
  • Undo all bets – cancel all bets.
  • Double all bets – double bets.
  • Open paytable – open paytable
  • Open statistics – open statistics window
  • Open favourite bets – open special bets window (it is empty here)
  • Rebet from previous round – to repeat bets

The American Roulette has a very convenient statistics window, which shows the last numbers, “hot” and “cold” numbers and some other data. As you know, this information does not help win, because the spins are not related to each other, but many people like to keep track of it.

There is also a section with user settings. There is no need to download American Roulette. All games of this brand are run in flash mode.

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